Oh no! We promise we're not ignoring you.

Let's get that email to you ASAP!

First up, try the following:

1. Create an account while on your device's mobile network (4G/3G).
    Sometimes a local wifi network can get in the way for a variety of reasons, especially if you are connected at work.

    Trying on another network - like your cellular network - will at least remove network restrictions as the cause.

2. Click Language to select your desired language.

       3. Create your account by completing the required fields and will be asked to verify your email.


4. Check if the email hasn't snuck its way into your junk or spam email folder.

5. Click the 'Resend Verification Email' button if in case no email was received. Details will be sent to your email account. 

5. Follow the steps indicated in the email received then you're good to go.

Still no luck? 

Send an email to support@liftango.com containing:

  • the day you signed up, and perhaps a rough time
  • the name of your carpooling network; and
  • the email that you've used