Oh no! This means that you've parked in a bay that has been set aside for Liftango carpoolers, but something has gone wrong. 

First things first. Your organisation will be handling parking fines, or working with another private or government organisation to hand out infringements. Liftango has no involvement in infringements, nor in which bays have been set aside for carpoolers.

Your organisation is therefore your best point of contact. They should be able to help you understand the process, raise a dispute if required, and answer any other questions that you have.

That said, there are still things we can help you with if you do have a valid carpooling ride on the day of your fine.

You can even check a few things straight away in the app yourself:

  • was your ride for the correct day (it can happen - especially in rush)?

  • were you actually assigned a parking space for your ride? Click here to see how to confirm this, and why you may not have been.

  • open your profile and view your vehicle's details - does the actual registration number for your vehicle match what you have entered? 

If you still don't see anything wrong, drop us a line at support@liftango.com and we can take a deeper look for you.