Implementing a system of partial payment, coupled with a feature enabling drivers to mark passengers as paid or unpaid, can significantly streamline the process. This knowledge article discusses the benefits of partial payment systems and offers reminders for drivers to ensure accurate tagging, along with highlighting safety rules.

Efficient fare collection in public transportation is crucial for seamless operations and providing a convenient experience for passengers. Having onboard payment for a booking service like On-Demand transport has its own challenges. The standard approach is to mark a ride as entirely paid or not, while a new feature can be enabled which allows for a driver to record payment per passenger on the individual ride. This depends on the operational rules a service operates with regard to onboard payment and capacity.

This knowledge article discusses the basics of onboard payment processing and outlines how per-passenger payment can be achieved while offering reminders for drivers to ensure accurate tagging and highlighting basic safety rules.

This could be done once the driver has arrived at the pickup location of a ride.

By unticking the "Everyone has paid" button, the driver will be given the option to specify who has paid and who has not. Once done, the driver can proceed with the pickup like a normal pickup.

A ride that had been partially paid would look like this in the portal. The charge will be marked as "Partially Paid".

Instance of a fully paid ride.

Reminders for Drivers

1. Accurate Tagging

Drivers play a vital role in the success of the partial payment system. They should diligently tag passengers as paid or unpaid using the system. Here are some reminders for drivers:

  • Verify Payments: Ensure passengers have paid the correct partial fare before marking them as paid.
  • Clear Indication: Clearly mark each passenger's status (paid or unpaid) to maintain an accurate record.
  • Correct Timing: Tag passengers at the appropriate moment - when they board or when they have paid.

2. Safety First

While using the partial payment system, drivers must prioritise safety at all times. Here are essential safety reminders:

  • Focus on the Road: Use the system efficiently, but never compromise on safe driving practices. Keep your primary focus on the road and the safety of passengers.
  • Obey Traffic Laws: Adhere strictly to traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone on board and on the road.

Additional notes: Minimum app version required is 4.20 or above.

Please email the support team at, for requests on turning on this functionality.

For best practice, it is important to restart the app after the "Passenger Onboard Payments" feature has been enabled.