During operations it is possible for operations portal users to create bookings for a passenger where a booking may already exists. This has come from a variety of scenarios, from passengers forgetting they have requested a booking, to incorrect data entry during the booking process. 

An alert can be setup to inform an operation portal agent of whether there is an existing confirmed booking with an overlapping booking with the matched request.

The start time of the presented pickup window to the end of the presented drop off window is used for each ride to calculate against the configurable value for the minimum overlap setting. Note there is an expectation the reader of this article is aware of the pickup and drop off window logic for the service.


An alert is shown when the booking request returns a match, to show operators that the user has already booked a ride that has the minimum overlapping time for the two rides. 

The ride reference is provided and the operations portal user could open another tab in the browser with the operations portal to review the specific ride reference. It will not stop the operations portal user from confirming the booking.

An example of the alert that shows the current booking will impact another one of the passenger's confirmed rides.

The Ride IDs in the alert are clickable and will open a new window for the ride mentioned.

Things to note:

  • Users can still create and confirm bookings in the portal even if the alert is showing up.
  • If a return trip overlaps with another existing ride, it will be displayed as such but user will still be able to accept the booking.
  • Currently, the alert is only available in the portal.

To get the value configured contact Liftango Support or your account representative to get it implemented.