So why should you drive someone? Why should you hitch a ride?

The average commute total for an Australian is 4.5 hours per week (according to the HILDA Statistical Report 2019).

Doesn’t sound like much right? Wrong. 

That is about 9 days of your year taken up: 9 days of petrol, 9 days of finding a car park, 9 days of paying for that car park, and 9 days of what probably contributed to you taking that mental health day.

Now don’t get me wrong - sure, I have a bias opinion towards carpooling. But there are so many benefits I have come to enjoy by carpooling to work:

  1. Halving - possibly even quartering - the costs of commuting
  2. Saving money on coffee (if your carpool mate is feeling generous)
  3. Great banter
  4. Saving time in your workday by having meetings during your commute
  5. Creating more car park availability
  6. Saving wear and tear on your car
  7. Greater workplace cohesiveness (I am looking at you, HR nerds)
  8. Contributing to the saving of thousands of tonnes of Co2 every year

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