So you've created a few rides, but haven't managed to match up with anyone yet?

Here are a few tips that might help you make that first carpooling trip, or find a new carpooler to team up with. 

Book early, cancel late

If you don't get a match when you create a ride, don't cancel it straight away.

Any ride that isn't matched will still be available for others to match with, right up until it's departure time.

Leaving your unmatched rides open for as long as you can will help others find you. 

Team up with a carpooling buddy

Carpooling with someone you know is a great way to match a ride, and can remove any uncertainty you might have while you are getting familiar with the app and the service.

It's also a great icebreaker when trying to meet new people at your organisation.

Be a driver and a rider - or both!

If you have a vehicle, and are also willing to be a passenger, then your chances just got a whole lot better.

Click the Driver/Rider - I'm Easy button when creating your rides, and you'll be considered for both when you create your ride. 

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