So you have booked your first trip with Liftango, awesome! You're. on your way to help reduce congestion, CO2 and parking problems!

Your first carpool can be daunting, so here are some tips for first timers.

Booking your trip

  • Meet on time, every time. Punctuality is the golden rule of happy carpooling
  • If you're unsure about meeting at home, arrange to pick up or drop off somewhere nearby. Perhaps the local shops or the kids' school? If you carpool with the same person frequently, this will become less of an issue after a while
  • Agree on a clear, safe and accessible meeting place
  • Set any ground rules from the outset to avoid awkward situations (e.g "No Lady Gaga on my radio")

On the road
  • Sit in the front, cause' it's carpooling, not a taxi service!
  • Say G'day and have a chat. Carpooling with a colleague? Maybe get ahead of that meeting you have later in the day
  • It's the drivers' car, and their choice of music or radio to listen to. It's OK to suggest you use your earphones to listen to your own music for a while
  • What's okay in your car might not be the go in someone else's, so don't assume it's alright to eat, drink (or sing!) without checking first
  • Save your personal errands for another time - don't make diversions to the dry cleaner, pet shop, or weekly shopping along the way

At the end of the trip
  • Thank one another - you just helped beat traffic stress together
  • If the trip worked for you, suggest doing it again - twice a week, Thursday afternoons, or just whenever

That thing
  • Being a nice passenger and thanking your driver goes a long way
  • Consider sharing the driving, agreeing to split costs for parking and tolls, chipping in for petrol, or buying the coffee
  • If carpooling together becomes a regular gig, set some ground rules for sharing the costs on a more formal basis

Follow these guidelines, and we promise you'll have a smooth first-time carpool (hopefully you have the same taste in music ;)).