So you are booking your first trip with Liftango, awesome! You're on your way to help reduce congestion, CO2 and parking problems!

Your first carpool can be daunting, so here are some tips for first timers.

Booking your trip:

  • Choose safe and convenient start and destination locations for your ride
  • Be punctual for a smooth ride

On the road:

  • Sit in the front seat if it's free, this isn't a taxi service.
  • Chat with your carpool buddy
  • Respect the driver's rules
  • Avoid drinking, eating or being distractive (no carpool karaoke) without getting permission first
  • If you're the driver save those personal errands to another time

At the end of the trip:

  • Thank each other
  • If it worked out, suggest future trips

Sharing costs:

  • Consider sharing the driving, agreeing to split costs for parking and tolls, chipping in for petrol, or buying the coffee
  • If carpooling together becomes a regular gig, set some ground rules for sharing the costs on a more formal basis

Follow these guidelines, and we promise you'll have a smooth first-time carpool (hopefully you have the same taste in music ;)).