While we do everything we can to make sure that every ride you create lands you in your own, shiny car park, there are just some things that are outside of our control.


For notifications and updates whether you are assigned a carpark or not, kindly see the How will I be notified of my match and parking rewards article.

Here are some of the more common reasons that you might not have been assigned a car park:

1. You're too near

Have you thought about taking a walk, or riding in?

To encourage other forms of transport (and really bring those emissions and traffic problems down), your organisation may have introduced an exclusion zone around the car parks on offer.

This zone will usually cover an area that is within walking or cycling distance of your destination. If you're leaving from somewhere within this zone, you won't be assigned a car park, but will still be considered for other rewards.

2. You're too far

Sometimes near enough is just not good enough.

The app will try to figure out which car park you're trying to get to, but if you've dropped your destination pin a little too far from any of the car parks on offer, it will assume that you just want to head somewhere else, and have your own parking sorted.

If you want to be really sure that you're in the running for a car park when creating your ride, you can either click directly on the car park's icon in the map when setting your destination or choose it from the destination drop-down list at the top of the screen.

You'll know you're on the right track when your destination pin changes to a "P".

3. You're too late

There are only so many car parks to go around, and you might have just missed out this time. 

Your organisation will have set aside car parks just for you and your fellow carpoolers, and your best bet, in this case, is to get in as early as you can.

If you and your carpooling buddies are on the ball, you can even create a week's worth of rides at once.
See this tutorial for creating repeated rides. 

4. You've said "no thanks"

Maybe you've been super generous, and have just forgotten about it.

Your organisation might have offered you the option to decline all car park offers - especially if you already have your own designated spot - so that other carpoolers can take advantage of the space you've handed back.

You can certainly decline the offer of a car park for each ride that you create; but your profile also includes a setting to take you out of the parking equation altogether, so that you only have to worry about doing it once.

5. Your organisation has said "no thanks"

Sometimes it's just not on the table, and your organisation can't include parking as a reward for its carpoolers.

But don't worry - they will have found another way to give you something back. The Rewards tab in the app will have the details. 

If you're still not sure if any of the above applies to you, contact support@liftango.com to find out more.