Private Ride

The default matching that occurs for a carpool request will be to find anyone in the organisation, which is a fun part of meeting other people within your organisation. 

There is a feature allowing Carpoolers to get a match by letting them choose their desired companion within the same network, this is referred to as a private ride.

How to create a private ride?

  1. Once in the booking request summary view, toggle the Private Ride button located at the bottom of the page and click on Submit Booking Request.

    Only a single ride can be privately shared with someone who is not an existing user by selecting "Share Private Ride".
    Recurring rides can only be shared to an existing user by searching for companion's name, phone number and email address in the "search for companion" field in Choose Companion screen.

  2. Search for and choose the companion you will be having the ride with, then click on Invite Companions.
    Searching for companion can be done by name, phone number and email address in the "search for companion" field.

  3. To share with someone from your own contacts list who is part of the organisation, the link can be copied to share via your chosen messaging app on your device. 
  4.  The status of the ride should reflect as Private Ride Requested. 
  5.  Once your companion has accepted the request, you will receive a notification, and you'll be able to start your trip! 

    Check notifications to show both successful matches and if a request has been declined

How to accept a private ride?

  1. The invitee receives a notification indicating another user has requested a private ride with them. The invitee can either Accept Ride or Decline the invite. Clicking on the notification message will show the details of the ride. The details may be adjusted by the invitee should they wish to update the departure and arrival location or if they want to be the driver, rider or either
  2. Once accepted, a private ride confirmation will be displayed.

.3. The status of the invitee's booking should be reflected as Private Ride Accepted.


How to add extra passengers?

See Carpool - Adding Extra Passengers for full details of this.

Infographic summary of Named Extra Passengers and Companion (carpooler)