Delete Account

User Account Deletion is a feature that allows the users to initiate deletion of their account from within the app.

Take note that this feature will not instantly delete user account; it will only send an email request to Support Team who will do the deletion of account in the app. A confirmation email will be sent by the support team upon completion.

How to delete your account?

1. Click on the Burger/Menu icon.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Delete Account.

4. Click on Delete Account button to confirm action.

5. Tick the checkbox to select a reason, but if it's not included in the selection, choose "Other (Please specify)" to provide other reason in the textbox, then press Next button.

6. The deletion request confirmation box will then appear, click Done.

7. Click OK.    

Once done submitting the account deletion request, an acknowledgement email will be sent to the user and request will be processed within 7 days.

Change your mind? Here's how to cancel your account deletion request.

1. In the acknowledgement email received by the user, click on the cancellation link to send an email to Support Team to request cancellation of account deletion.