How to Add an Extra Passenger/Companion to your carpool ride

The current behaviour of the Carpooling App is that you can only match with one Driver or Rider per ride. 

In the old approach of the App if you are trying to include an extra passenger, you will need to click the "Passenger Settings" panel, there will appear a page in which you just add the number of people you want to include in your ride. 

And now, there is a new feature in the Carpool App wherein these extra passengers can be added to a carpool ride either by searching their name, mobile number, or the email that they used when they registered in the App.

This is a great way to ensure that your co-carpooler is aware of who they are travelling with.


Please be reminded that these extra passengers are different from your carpool match passenger. Your carpool match passenger is the one the matching process assigns to you when you are booking either a public or private ride. This is also how Rewards can be achieved as long the criteria matches and the reward is available, for example availability of parking spot if that is the reward. 

On the other hand, the added extra passenger are those how are travelling with you from and to the same locations and can be added on top of the carpool match passenger.