In-app messaging and Push notifications are two of the most effective ways to communicate with users of carpool applications. Push notifications are great for sending time-sensitive information, such as ride confirmations and driver updates while In-app messaging is perfect for providing users with a seamless and personalized experience. By leveraging these two communication channels, we can increase user engagement and user experience.

In-App Messaging

These are messages that the user gets inside the application after they have opened it. These notifications are designed to send more targeted and context-sensitive messages and may be used for announcements, information updates, or when there are service interruptions.

Type of In-App Messages:

In-app messaging can be categorised into four types and can be requested to be configured as follows.

  • Card Type
  • Modal Type
  • Image Only
  • Top Banner Type

Card TypeModal Type

Image OnlyTop Banner type

Push Notifications

Push notifications are standard mobile notifications that are used most often. These are messages that the user sees without opening the app, typically on the lock screen as seen below.

How to request an in-app message or push notification?

Admin users can send in their request to implement either in-app messages or push notification to all users across their network by sending an email to the support team using the below format.




[Client Name] Send Notification to Users


Title: Note 30 Character limit 

Body: Approx 150 Character limit


Type: In-App Message

In-App Message Type (Leave blank if type is for notification): Card type

Title: Get easier matches

Body: Are you a Rider with a flexible schedule? Broaden your requested pick-up times to increase your chances of getting matched with a Driver!   

Note: we can include phone numbers and links within the notification. 

Carpool notifications

Example notification of a public ride

Below are some examples notifications when booking for a public ride.

As with the other notifications, clicking the bell icon at the top right corner lets you view the notification.In this Public ride, this notification informs you that your ride has been matched with another.

Example notification of a private ride

Below are some examples notifications when booking for a private ride.

Notification that someone is inviting you to a private ride.Notification when the person you have invited has accepted your invitation.

Example carpark notification

This is a sample notification where upon matching, you have been assigned to a car park.