Prompting riders for feedback after a journey offers a valuable resource of information for a variety of reasons.

  1. Gives a carpooler a clear voice to provide insight into the service and product. 
  2. Insight allows a service provider and technology provider to know where improvements can be made to enhance a user’s experience as well as resolve any specific issues.

The feedback modal is configurable depending on the organisation. Once it is enabled, the carpoolers will be presented with a survey question after a trip is confirmed/completed.

Providing feedback is optional. Carpoolers can choose to click the Cancel button in the feedback modal if they decide not to provide any feedback.


Here's how feedback modals appear in the Drivers and Riders mobile application:

Driver Feedback

Once the driver arrives at the arrival location, the driver may now click on the COMPLETED TRIP button. He/She will then be presented with a feedback modal.

Passenger Feedback

Once the driver has started the trip, the trip details page will have the buttons LEAVE FEEDBACK and CONFIRM TRIP.

The rider may provide feedback while the trip is in progress by clicking the Leave Feedback button and may add a personalized comment by choosing the COULD BE BETTER option.

Once the passenger has arrived at his/her dropoff location and clicked on the CONFIRM TRIP button, he/she will then be presented with a feedback modal.