This guide provides straightforward instructions for managing vehicles on the carpool app. Whether you need to add a new vehicle, update existing information, or remove outdated entries, you'll find the steps outlined here for easy reference.


How to add a vehicle

In carpool, choosing to be a driver for the first time will prompt you to add your vehicle.

This can be done through the steps below:

1. Create a new ride request as a driver.

2. Read the Driver Compliance form and confirm once understood.

3. Input all the necessary details, then click the check mark once done.

Note: If you create a ride request as a rider, you are not required to add a vehicle.

How to update a vehicle

To update an existing vehicle, please follow below steps:

1. Click on the three-layered burger icon as displayed in the screenshot below.

2. Click on Profile.

3. Click on the three-dotted icon on the top right corner.

4. Click on Edit Vehicle.

5. Input all the necessary details, and click on Update Vehicle.

How to delete the vehicle

To delete a vehicle, you may follow the 1st - 3rd step above on how to update the vehicle.

On the fourth step, choose Delete Vehicle. You will be prompted with the confirmation modal as shown below. Optionally, you may give out the reason for the deletion of vehicle. In any case, click Confirm once done.

How to view the current vehicle

To check and confirm the vehicle, you may go to following:

1. Click Profile.

2. Navigate Car on the second tab as shown below.

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