Carpool bookings are done via user’s app on their mobile devices. Once logged in, the users will notice three buttons that will lead them to the booking page. 

Tip: If you have a vehicle and you are also willing to be a passenger, then choosing the Driver or Rider button will increase your chances of matching with another carpooler!

Below is a step-by-step video tutorial on carpool booking process.
You may also check out the detailed instructions below for more carpooling tips.

1.1. Create New Ride Request

To book a ride, you will need to initially input your Destination and Origin addresses.

Note: It is important that you verify the other details (Departure date & time, companion, etc.) before submitting the booking request.

1.2. Regular Rides

This feature shows your top three rides sorted by the latest Departure Time. This feature makes it easier for users to book rides, particularly for the same Origin and Destination addresses.

Note: You will still have the option to update the locations even after selecting Regular Rides.

1.3. Updating Ride Details

Should you need to update a detail of your rides, you could either:

  1. Click on the Pencil icon corresponding to the ride you specifically want to update.; or
  2. Click the ride to see its details then click the three-dots icon to edit.

1.4. Match Found!

For Public Rides, it is normal that a user will take time to look for a match for their ride.

Note: The system is smart enough to know if your ride will be a feasible match to another ride even if they do not have the exact same location and time details. Such matches will be flagged as "Not Optimal". There should be a prompt that states that the match is not optimal and a user may choose either proceed or not.

Tip: If you initially didn’t get a match, it is advised that you don’t cancel the request right away. Any ride that isn't matched will still be available for others to match with, right up until its departure time.

You will receive an in-app notification when your ride has found a match. Opening the notification will redirect you to another page with further details of the booked ride and the matched carpooler.

2. Starting and Completing your Carpool Trip

Each trip's Drivers are assigned to be the ones to mark their rides as "Started" and "Completed on the app. To start the ride, the Drivers need to tap the "Start Trip" button on the application.

Note: It is important for a trip to be marked as Completed for it to be verified. This means that the drivers also need to click the "COMPLETED TRIP" button at the end of every trip.

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