Repeated Ride

Recurring bookings can be made as far as 7 days ahead via the Repeat Ride feature, which allows passengers to make the ride a repeated one and select the date they wish to repeat it. 

How to create a repeated ride?

  1. In the booking request summary, complete the details for Locations by entering the arrival/departure address. Click on the Date & Time section.

  2. Choose the date & time for the ride. Toggle the Repeated Ride button
    A list of days will be displayed and the carpooler may select the dates in which the rides will be repeated. 
    Click on Confirm Details to proceed.


3. The page will be redirected back to the booking request summary. The carpooler may now then review the           details before clicking on the Submit Booking Request button. (The ride may also be shared privately by toggling on the Private Ride button.  Visit Private Rides article for more information.)

4. The list of schedule selected will be displayed. Click on the the Check button to confirm the booking and X button at the top left corner of the screen to cancel.

How to accept/decline a repeated ride?

  1. The invitee will receive a carpool invite notification.
    2. Repeated ride details will be displayed on the screen. The invitee can swipe along to review the invites received and can choose which ones to accept and decline.

           3. A notification will then be sent to the invitee informing of the status of the request.

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