Good day! 

Welcome to Liftango Support! We’re thrilled to see you here at this stage of the journey!

Being able to provide our clients with the best customer support experience is a priority at Liftango.

Having trouble setting your password in the administration portal, operations portal or mobile application? See the password requirements below that will help you understand the policy.

Password Requirements:

  • At least 8 - 25 characters
  • Contains at least 1 numeric character
  • A mix of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Include special characters (such as * # @ $ ! and &). Note: Do not use _ , ( ) [ ] and { }.
  • Have no ties to the user's personal information.

If you are attempting to set your password in the support portal, it is a simple matter of just having 8 or more characters and not including your name. We like to make accessing support as simple as possible.

If you are still having problems with setting your password please do not hesitate to contact us on the email