Once a carpooler (driver/rider) submitted a booking request, notifications for updates on requested booking/s will be sent either via SMS, app, or email. 


Notifications Received when Carpooling

Looking for a match

After submitting a booking, carpooler will be notified that the platform is looking for match.

Match accepted!

When another carpooler has a accepted the ride requested, requesting carpooler will be notified that a match has been accepted.

No Match found

When, unfortunately, the time is finally getting closer to the requested departure time but there are no match found after several attempts, the carpooler will notified that no match has been found for the requested trip.

Car park found!

Having a matched ride could also mean a carpooler is getting a reward in a form free parking area. The carpooler will be notified if a parking space has been found for the matched ride.

Unable to find a car park

In any case no car park was found for the trip, carpooler will be notified as well with the following message:

Carpool invite (for private rides)

Someone a carpooler knows can send an invite to carpool by using the private ride feature. When the other party requested to carpool specifically with a carpooler, the carpooler will receive this notification. 

To learn more about Private Ride feature, go to this link.

Ride Cancelled

When another party (driver/rider) cancels their side of a previously-matched trip, a notification is sent stating the trip that has been cancelled. The platform will once again try to look for a match on the requested trip.

Parking Permit Removed

For a trip that has been previously matched with a parking permit, it is possible that the owner of permit would withdraw from the trip. When it happens, the driver will be notified that the parking permit has been removed for the matched trip.

Ready to Leave?

On the day of the trip, carpooler will be notified 15 minutes before it starts.

Added as passenger to a ride request (for named companions)

A carpooler will also be notified when by someone they know added them as a companion to their requested trip.

Who is your Driver/Passenger on your ride as a named companion

Once a requested trip where carpooler have been added as a companion found a match, the carpooler will be notified with a message that looks like this.

Status changes within the individual rides shown on the home screen indicate these changes within the app itself.

NOTE: Receiving messages on the mobile device can depend on local settings for application notifications and whether SMS communication has been disabled. 

Not receiving any email or SMS? Contact support@liftango.com